Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Top sightseeing things to do in Manali

Manali is filled with lots of top sightseeing things to do. Discover the old villages, unique temples, Tibetan monasteries or do something dissimilar by taking a day tour on walk to hot springs. Entertain yourself with the panormic view of superb nature and try adventure by choosing from treks, white water rafting, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, jeep safaris fishing, and others. Manali tour packages hold endless things to enjoy.   

Shop until you like at its various shopping places or Tibetan Bazaar. Satisfy your hunger by tasting a number of dishes in local eating areas. You can get a number of restaurants, bars and cafes scattered all over the city. Just walk around in the middle of the nature or plan a picnic to nearby spots such as Kothi, solang valley and other, to enjoy great natural beauty and snow with ski slopes. 

Sightseeing: There are a plenty of things to see and do in Manali. These contain a number of ancient temples, ruins, villages, Buddhist monasteries and others. All attractions have its own identity to describe and gives an opportunity to find out its history. Sightseeing is the major thing that is done here. People around the globe visit the city to experience some of the best sights of nature beauty, snowy mountains, flower-filled valleys and others. 

Activities: Adventure sports in Manali are very famous among travellers and usually they love to involve during their visit. Jeep safaris, fishing, trekking, camping, are some of the activities you can do under Manali holiday packages. These adventurous sports will leave you refreshed and energetic. Adventurous sports in Manali are very famous and you can see people from different ages enjoy their time while indulging in such a great refreshing events.


Closeby attractions: Some interesting places to travel in Manali are solang Valley, Beas Kund, Kothi, and Arjun Gufa. You can see when you will be here. All places hold an amazing beauty to please your eyes and inner sense. Must carry a camera to catch some pictures to cherish throughout your life as these places offers some of the best scenic views in the city, located on high altitudes, these attractions are generally cold. 
Eating out here: It is a mixture of the north India, south India, East India, and West India, you can find a variety of cuisines, right from doshas to chinese, to Tibetan dishes, to Italian and Germany dishes. It also offers you Pastry shops to enjoy locally made pastries. Even you can enjoy a traditional drink of Manali.

Festivals and Events: People of Manali experience festival throughout the year, but Dussehra and Hadimba Devi festival are the two major fiestas that are celebrated with great enthusiasm, display and delight here. Culture of Manali is little different from other parts of India, which can be observe during these festive season. Festivals keep a great importance in their life and they celebrate it with Great Spirit. Be a part of their culture and festivals while in Manali.


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