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Experience Adventure Activities in Kufri – the Dominion of Snow

Nestled at a distance of only 22 kms from Shimla in the southern part of Himachal Pradesh near the ranges of the Himalayas, the picturesque hill station of Kufri, which was founded in 1819 by the British, got its popularity as a tourist place only in the last few decades. Derived its name from ‘Kufr’ having the meaning ‘Lake’ and situated at an altitude of 2,510 above sea level in Shimla district, this hill resort, which is also famous for its hiking and trekking routes, is enriched with plethora of attractions and visited thousands and thousands of people every year. In spite of being small, Kufri, which is also home to the popular Himalayan zoo having some scarce animals, is a wide view hill station. Golden Triangle of Himachal Pradesh is formed by Kufri, Shimla and Chail. This hill station enthralls its visitors very much to make their heart wish to stay all the life long.

Adventure Activities in Kufri

Being also renowned for several adventure activities such as hiking, trekking and camping, Kufri can provide the adventure enthusiasts the enjoyment of various sports such as horse riding, Skiing, go-Karting and Tobogganing during their stay at this hill station. Besides the adventure activities, the use of horses is also made for travelling to unapproachable spots.

Being particularly renowned among trekkers, Kufri, which has got its fame as a perfect getaway with the cool & pleasant climate and the captivating charm of nature, is the beginning point of treks to Shimla, Manali, Fagu and Rewalsar among other destinations. The Mahasu Peak is one that is enriched with charm and adventure on all the sides, though the trek from the major city through the forest of the Himalayan cedars (Deodar) to this peak is very short. This route is worth taking if you’ve a few hours free and in the mood for a hike. While hiking at Mahasu Peak, all the handwork will seem worth your while when you take the view from on top of the summit.

Skiing at Kufri

The ski resort at Kufri is possibly the most easily approachable for anybody in the northern part of India. Situated at a distance of just approx 10 kms from Shimla, the hill station of Kufri is a calm small town, which becomes a busy winter wonderland once the snow begins falling. Being home to some excellent slopes worth trying, the Mahasu Ridge, which draws the attention of ski-enthusiasts from all over the globe during the winters, is situated just above Kufri.

Adventure Camps in Kufri

Being the highest peak of this hill station, as the path of Mahasu Peak pass through the woods, Mahasu Peak is the best spot for adventure camping. Also renowned as a family destination point, Kufri, which is a world of fun, is an ideal destination to set up adventure camps in.

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